Land Purchase Funding

‘Voice for the Voiceless Thailand’ has been praying for several years for God to provide for us our own land. Right now, we have to rent land for Mongkhon and us to conduct ministry, which we have been doing for nearly three years.

God is gracious and everything is in His timing. He has opened the door for us to purchase two lots that are adjacent to each other that are located between two of our village schools. The total land area is about ¾ of a U.S. acre. We have raised the money for a portion of this purchase. However, we need to raise an additional $40,000 to be able to purchase both properties. This would allow us to build a multi-purpose building for Bible study, English classes, evangelism and other events or classes as well as missionary quarters, staff housing and other needed facilities.  You can help by donating on the ‘Support Us’ page of our website at  Time is of the essence. We need to raise this money within 60 days. After that our negotiated offer will expire.