Voice For The Voiceless Thailand 

was formed out of God’s desire to reach the people in the village in central Thailand where Tina grew up. This village is an unreached people group in the 10/40 window. In October 2016 Tim & Ranu ‘Tina’ Dixon went to this village after Tina’s father passed away. During a time of obedience in not participating in Buddhist funeral rituals we prayer walked through the village.
It was out of this obedience that we were introduced to ‘Tip’ who was a teacher at the elementary school where Tina attended as a young child. We explained to Tip that we wanted to teach English to Thai children. Tip arranged a meeting with the principal and the English teacher, Kru Nok, at her school.

During this meeting we were invited to begin English lessons for the entire K-6 school, which we affectionately call our “Little School.”
We were later invited to the junior/senior high school after the principal there heard about what we were doing at our little school. Since 2017 we have taken periodic short-term mission trips to Thailand to serve our village.